Navigating the New "Normal" Together 

So much has happened in the last few weeks and yet, for many, the world has stood still. For some, the last few weeks have meant staying home and doing their part to lower the curve. For others, it has meant leaving the safety of home, providing essential services, and supporting the communities that relied on them. No matter the role, everyone has been deeply affected in so many ways.

On a positive note, there is light at the end of the tunnel. In many areas of North America, the slow process of reopening has begun. This process will take many different forms in our communities; however, it is a start to returning to our new normal. No one can say what this new world will look like, but we will navigate these uncertain times and remain as we always have been, stronger together.

Browne is committed to continuing to support all our customers, employees and partners during this COVID-19 pandemic. We are exploring new opportunities and exciting ways to better service our customers. We are actively researching new products that may be needed and sourcing as quickly as possible so we can bring these items to market. As always, we are listening to our customers and using their knowledge to build better programs.

During the pandemic we have worked diligently to ensure you continue to receive the quality of service you have come to expect from the Browne team. We want you to know that although it may not be business as usual, we remain committed to creating strategies that ensure business continuity.

Our distribution centers in both Canada and the US are open and shipping orders daily. For all our teams, we will continue to follow government guidelines and create policies and procedures necessary to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to your Browne representative or our Customer Service team by phone or email with any questions or concerns.

Visit our Contact Us page or Find A Rep page for a full list of ways to contact our team.